Dr Shelley Smith, Chiropractor

Shelley trained at the highly regarded New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Auckland. She has had an interest in health and healthy living since her days as a competitive runner in high school. Shelley’s introduction to chiropractic was as a client at Gentle Chi-ropractic many years ago. She has practiced here since 2015. Shelley has lived in Auckland most of her life. Before studying chiropractic she enjoyed a very successful career in the hair industry, as a stylist, manager and owner. She is passionate about helping people and both careers have given her that opportunity. Outside work Shelley loves running, animals, movies and gardening. She can often be seen running around Waiatarua Reserve with her Black Labrador, Ace. Shelley has three young adult children and lives nearby in Mt Wellington.

“I don't know if this applies to you, but for me, it's sometimes difficult to find the right people to bring into my life as a trusted professional, tradesperson - or expert in any field really. It’s not always easy to know the right questions to ask ask that will show me if the person I'm talking to does understand me, and understands what it is I need from their product or service. “So, to help you learn a bit about how my work and approach as a chiropractor might be of benefit to you, your friends and your family, I thought I'd tell you a bit about how my life's experiences shape the chiropractic techniques I use, as well as how my work and life history lets me bring a very special blend of interpersonal and healthcare abilities into my everyday chiropractic work. “Firstly, I'll tell you I live an energetic, healthy, full life myself, with three of my own "kids", along with all the fun, challenges, trials and tribulations that have come along at their various ages and stages of life. I run most days with my dog, play badminton now and again, spend time most weekends at the beach and in my garden and work hard at my chiropractic career. “One of the biggest lessons I've learnt is that if I'm not feeling healthy and good about myself most of the time, it's difficult for me to enjoy my life, and to be the kind of mother, friend and partner I want to be. “Being a chiropractor is my second career, having spent time working in, managing and owning creative businesses. So I've had plenty of experience in non-medical related industries, where we enjoyed having clients that were treated like valued friends, not “patients". This means, these days, I still enjoy the same kind of friendly, laid back relationship with my clients I've been used to in the past. “Another one of my life's lessons, that's been important to my approach in helping you live a healthy, happy, pain-free life is that I don't ever use brute force to make things work. I've learnt that using skilful, caring finesse and diagnosis creates better and longer lasting outcomes in most of the things I do. “So the techniques I enjoy and now specialise in work with the body in a comfortable, gentle and precise way. New clients often express surprise at how such gentle adjustments can make such a big difference to how they feel. So you won't find me jumping up and down on your back, crunching joints, or cracking your vertebrae - simply because those approaches aren't needed. “That's probably more than enough about me, so here's a final word about one of the les-sons I've learnt to live from; if you're not getting what you want, do something different. If you're feeling stiff, in pain or discomfort, physically drained or low in energy it's likely I can help you. Contact us to arrange a time to meet and we'll go to work together on bringing well-being and happiness back into your life now.”